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The firestop collar INTU FR COLLAR is composed of a flexible insert made of graphite-based material that swells under the influence of temperature above 140°C and an external casing made of 1.0 mm steel sheet protected against corrosion by a red paint coating. The steel collar casing is equipped with a lock used for strapping the ends and stabilizing it on the pipe, as well as mounting brackets fixing the collar to the partition. The collars ensure fire resistance class up to max EI 120.



INTU FR COLLAR is used for fire protection of penetrations with plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE, HDPE) running through fire partitions (flexible walls, rigid walls, floors)



Test reports:

  • LZP01-0258/16/Z00NZP of 04.11.2016 – wall
  • LZP04-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 06.12.2016 – wall
  • LZP07-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 30.01.2017 – wall
  • LZP10-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 27.02.2017 – drywall
  • LZP12-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 23.03.2017 – floor
  • LZP14-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 22.05.2017 – wall
  • LZP16-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 28.08.2017 – wall
  • LZP17-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 18.09.2017 – wall
  • LZP18-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 26.09.2017 – floor
  • LZP32-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 22.11.2017 – floor
  • LZP42-0258/16/Z00NZP z dnia 18.12.2017 – floor
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